Pieterlen Bassbelt, Biel
Pieterlen Bassbelt, Biel
Pieterlen Bassbelt, Biel

Pieterlen Bassbelt

Short description

Spring 2019 saw the completion of the new, timber-clad Bassbelt superstructure between Bassbeltweg and Solothurnerstrasse in Pieterlen.

The project

In six multi-occupancy residences, each with an arresting architectural design, 83 rental apartments offer space for a variety of living situations.

With its characterful wooden façade, the Bassbelt complex integrates harmoniously into its environment. The organic cladding on the buildings serves as a visual reminder of the sustainability and nature-friendly philosophy of the project.

The building`s horizontally slatted façade system includes a thermally optimized substructure and rock wool insulation, all mounted to the building`s exterior walls.  The balconies and galleries are clad with vertical wood details and metal flashing. 

Services in detail

  • Insulation of the exterior walls 

  • Wood façade with aluminum substructure 

  • Balcony façade and flashing 

  • Rendered plinth insulation and soffits


  • Abnormally high number of miters, corners and other intersection details due to the building form 

  • 5 converging façade colors 

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