Student residence INF 681

Short description

Student living on the Neckar River in terraced three- to four-storey buildings.

The project

As part of the overall concept for "student living on the Neckar River", a pair of terraced three- to four-storey buildings was constructed. The heart of the building is formed by the communal inner courtyard with shared recreation spaces. The building's single and double apartments, four-occupant units and one wheelchair-accessible apartment provide living space for a total of 194 students.

The Buildings branch in Karlsruhe constructed a 194-capacity student residence for the Heidelberg student services organisation. The new student residence INF 136 comprises a pair of terraced three- and four-storey buildings split up into 138 apartments.

Over the last ten years, the Karlsruhe branch has now completed five projects for this client, creating more than 1000 housing places in the process.

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