Rader Hochbrücke / BAB A7 - Ersatzneubau

Short description

Under the technical leadership of Implenia, a joint venture is constructing the replacement of the Rader Hochbrücke / BAB A7 on behalf of Deges.

The project

DEGES (Deutsche Einheit Fernstrassenplanungs und -bau GmbH) has awarded the contract for the replacement of the A7 Rader Hochbrücke bridge to a consortium consisting of Implenia, Plauen Stahl Technologie and Zwickauer Sonderstahlbau. Implenia has the technical lead and is the contact for the customer DEGES. The total project volume is more than €250 million net.

Services in detail

The new freeway bridge is 1,500m long and 42m high and carries the A7 east of Rendsburg, Schleswig-Holstein, over the Kiel Canal and the Borgstedt Narrows. The bridge is being built using composite steel construction and plays an important role for traffic to and from Denmark and Scandinavia.

During the bidding phase, Implenia was able to work with the consortium partners to optimize the project, develop a convincing plan for the construction sequences and deadlines, and offer its own expertise in civil engineering, foundation engineering and formwork construction integrated from a single source. Implenia was also able to convince DEGES with the concept offered for the demanding construction site logistics (work from the water/canal island, bridge height, etc.).


The new bridge will be built under and above the rolling and floating traffic of the A7 and the Kiel Canal. A special feature of the bridge is that the center section, weighing 2,500 tons, will be delivered by a special ship and then lifted in from the water using strand jacks. This is intended to keep traffic obstruction to a minimum. The three foundations of the bridge piers in Lake Borgstedt will be built from the water. For this purpose, two floating work platforms with drilling equipment will be used for the construction of the large bore piles. These must be positioned above the piles to be erected and fixed in position.

Further information

Concrete Civil: 49,815 m³ Reinforcement Civil: 9,079 t Precast Concrete: 1,890 m³ Bored Piles d=120 cm -150 cm: 4,430 m Bored Piles d=180 cm: 1,392 m Bridge Steel: 14,745 t Bridge Waterproofing: 27,106 m²

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