Hochschule München

Short description

Turnkey construction of an extension to the Munich University of Applied Sciences.

The project

The new lecture and seminar building of the Munich University of Applied Sciences is right next to the listed Zeughaus building. This construction project was unique in that it included plans for a tram line running through the building. This was achieved by reinforcing the ceiling panel above the basement levels, increasing its thickness to one metre. The overhead line of the tramway meant that an examination of the electromagnetic compatibility had to be carried out. Along with the analysis of the building's susceptibility to vibrations, these measures ensured that safe operation of the tramway would be possible.

Services in detail

The façade features a large number of single windows in an irregular pattern and varying sizes, as well as upright masonry facing strips of different colours.


The building was constructed in an extremely budget-conscious manner, with sustainability aspects also being taken into consideration.

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