Korrektion Gerbers Kurve

Short description

The current road exiting the village of Reichenbach has different road widths. There are crossing problems in many places, especially when trucks or post buses are involved. Therefore, the OIK I plans to rehabilitate the section from the village exit to above the Gerbers Kurve.

The project

This includes minor adjustments in both the horizontal and vertical position of the road axis. For this purpose, a new exposed concrete retaining wall will be built below and above the Gerbers Curve on the valley side in each case. The lower exposed concrete retaining wall is approx. 80m long and approx. 7m high, the upper exposed concrete retaining wall is approx. 110m long and approx. 4m high. The slope stabilization during construction is carried out by means of earth anchors and shotcrete. After completion of the retaining structures, terrain adjustments are planned. The existing natural stone wall will be raised by 1m over a length of approx. 45m and extended by approx. 10m.

Furthermore, various service lines, the complete road drainage, sewage lines and a new line for the inner Burstgräbli will be constructed. The entire length of the road will be re-coffered and partly provided with edge closures. Finally, the entire area will be covered with pavement.

Services in detail


Execution as sole proprietorship

Implenia Switzerland Ltd, Construction German-speaking Switzerland CH-3665 Wattenwil

Services provided

Road construction, earthworks, sewer construction, civil engineering construction


  • Tight space conditions
  • Constant traffic
  • Slope

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