InterCity Hotel

Short description

Turnkey construction of InterCity Hotel Darmstadt and handover four weeks before the contractually agreed deadline.

The project

Right next to the main railway station in Darmstadt, the Buildings branch in Frankfurt planned and executed the InterCity Hotel building in a joint venture. The contract also included preparation of the planning permission documents and the building application. Constructed in mid-2012, this hotel was the second project of its kind. Thanks to the outstanding partnership during construction of the InterCity Hotel in Mainz, Implenia stood out as the top choice of partner for this project too.

Services in detail

This upper mid-range hotel in Darmstadt contains three different categories of rooms, all measuring at least 20 m² and fitted with air conditioning. The full-length windows let plenty of light into the rooms and provide 48-decibel shielding from the outside. Over an area measuring 250 m², the conference space contains four conference rooms that provide more than enough room for even major events, all with the latest technology. Three of these rooms can be flexibly combined as required. A restaurant, bar and lounge are also provided for guests.


Over a construction period of 17 months, the hotel was constructed by the joint venture with the Frankfurt branch at the helm as technical director and general contractor. Right from the outset of the new construction project, a lean cost framework with clear requirements for the project and product descriptions had to be adhered to. Preparing the project documents, plans and tender documents so that the drafting and execution phase could be planned correctly was the major challenge in this project. Here, the parties involved were able to benefit from the experience gained on the InterCity Hotel project in Mainz, which the project partners successfully completed in 2008.

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