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Ilmenau sewage treatment plant

Short description

New replacement for the Ilmenau sewage treatment plant

The project

With water protection requirements becoming considerably more stringent and the population of Ilmenau undergoing significant growth, a new replacement was needed for the sewage treatment plant serving 38,400 inhabitants.

Services in detail

The building project included the construction and extension work, pipeline construction, work on the roads and access routes, outdoor facilities, and furnishings and fittings for the new sewage treatment plant.


The replacement building was constructed on the site of the old plant. During this time, the wastewater treatment capacity was kept at the same levels and the construction work could not be allowed to impede ongoing operation of the sewage treatment plant. Demolition of the old plant was also part of the construction period, taking place after the new plant had been put into operation.


The replacement building successfully achieved and maintained the highest cleaning values for sewage treatment plants.

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