Grubenstrasse 23 / 25

Short description

Prior to the actual building works, Implenia Real Estate Consulting carried out a property analysis to investigate the development potential of the property. After completion of the analysis, a renovation concept was developed including a colour scheme up to and including obtaining building permission.

The project

In the execution phase, the building services were renovated in four stages including removal of contaminants. A total of 16 flats were renovated in a five-storey building, approximately 13.0 m high. In each stage four flats were renovated in parallel. This involved replacing the bathrooms and kitchens including all pipework and wiring. In addition, the height of the balcony balustrading was increased and the existing blinds replaced. The exterior of the building was also repainted. These measures have adapted the fit-out standard of the property to today’s requirements.

Services in detail

  • Execution as total contractor
  • Conversion of an apartment building


  • Renovation in occupied premises
  • Inliner pipe renovation during normal operations

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