FV. 857 – FV. 125 Bjarkøyforbindelsen

Short description

Bjarkøyforbindelsen is a road connection between Grytøy, Bjarkøy and Sandsøy in Harstad municipality in Troms.

The project

Implenia has built 4 steel beams/box beams between Grytøy and Sandsøy, and the construction of roads on existing seafill between all beams and towards land. This included fabrication and installation of 4 bridge structures including associated piling and concrete work.

Sandsøysundbrua is built as a steel box with interlocking decks over 3 spans (90 m+115 m+90 m) with a total length of 305 m. The other three bridges were built as steel beam bridges with a concrete deck. The bridges are respectively 44, 66 and 66 m long with supports in three axes.

There were major logistical challenges associated with transport and access to the facilities. The steel bridges were transported by lighters and boat cranes. In addition, helicopters were used to transport materials for the assembly work of the largest bridge.

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