Fv 48 Tunnel behind Tysse

Short description

Implenia has constructed a new tunnel from Sætrevika to Tysseelva. The aim of the project was to relieve the centre of Tysse of through-traffic on FV 48 and to improve the poor road standard on this stretch. Implenia has constructed a new tunnel from Sætrevika to Tysseelva.

The project

The project, situated in the municipality of Samnanger in Hordaland, included the improvement and diversion of FV 48 from the Straums bridge to Gaupholm, including construction of a pedestrian and cycle path. A pedestrian and cycle path was also established along FV 7 along Frølandsvatnet.

The tunnel runs between Sætrevika and Tysseelva and is 2.3 km long. Concrete portals were built at both ends of the tunnel. A pedestrian culvert under FV 48 was also included as well as two river culverts. The total length of the road stretch is 7.5 km. The old junction where FV 48 meets FV 7 has been redeveloped into a roundabout. Work was also performed for the municipality of Samnanger to connect a new water pipe from the eastern tunnel opening to Frøland.

Project details:

  • Contract type: Prime contract
  • Contract sum: MNOK 297
  • Construction time: January 2013 to June 2015
  • Developer: Statens vegvesen, Region West
  • Client: Statens vegvesen, Region West

Technical information:

  • 2300 m of T9.5 tunnel, safety class B.
  • Concrete portals at both ends of the tunnel.
  • Improvement and diversion of existing FV 48 at both ends of the tunnel, 2040 and 1610 metres respectively.
  • Pedestrian and cycle path at both ends of the tunnel along FV 48.
  • Diversion and construction of local roads and access roads.
  • Pedestrian culvert under FV 48.
  • Pedestrian and cycle path along FV 7 Frølandsvatnet.
  • Rebuilding of the existing FV 48/FV 7 junction at Straums bridge to create a roundabout.

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