E136 Tresfjordbrua

Short description

Implenia has built the E136 Tresfjordbrua, which was part of the repair of the E136 between Måndalstunnelen and Våge in Rauma municipality in Møre og Romsdal. Tresfjordbrua alone has led to a saving of approximately 13 kilometres on the section between Ørskog and Åndalsnes.

The project

The Tresfjord crossing is approximately 2 km long, of which the lake fill is 700 metres and the breakwater 1290 metres. The bridge has a rope height of 32 metres. There were also 750 metres of feeder roads built on land. Tresfjordbrua has a total of 19 shafts, 16 of these were built with self-propelled traveling system (MSS) with spans of 60 meters and 2 shafts were built as free floating bridge (FFB) with main spans of 160 m.

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