[Translate to English:] Errichtung eines Werkstatt- und Magazingebäudes

Construction of a workshop and storage building

Short description

Construction of a workshop and storage building in 8 months. From building shell construction to painting work.

The project

  • Construction period: 8 months

Earthwork, drainage and surface work

  • Ground excavation and removal: approx. 7,600 m3
  • Hard limestone material as soil replacement: approx. 2,800 m3
  • Drainage pipes made from concrete, stone and PVC plastic: approx. 190 m
  • Concrete paving including substructure: approx. 1,250 m2
  • Angled supporting wall, height up to 4.10 m: approx. 50 running metres

Building shell construction work:

  • Formwork for various components: approx. 2,000 m2    
  • Concrete for various components: approx. 830 m3
  • Reinforcement of various components: approx. 90 t
  • Sand-lime brick as exposed brickwork: approx. 195 m3  
  • Sand-lime brick as faced brickwork: approx. 370 m2

Finishing work:

  • Industrial screed (magnesite screed): approx. 1,5002
  • Tiling work
    • Walls approx. 60 m2
    • Flooring approx. 320 m2
  • Dry construction work
    • Walls approx. 180 m2
    • Suspended ceilings approx. 320 m2   
  • Painting work approx. 3,300 m2

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