Chemnitz Justice Centre

Short description

Saxony’s first PPP project: The award-winning Chemnitz Justice Centre has enabled the State of Saxony to save some 14 per cent of the overall costs.

The project

In Saxony’s first ever PPP building project, a computer-aided forecasting tool was used to simulate and analyse the operating costs and other factors. This was done to help evaluate the complex relationships between the architecture, façade, technical building equipment, statics, building physics and building operations.

The users of the Chemnitz Justice Centre – the public prosecutor’s office and the district court – can concentrate their resources at a single site in the Kaßberg district of Chemnitz. The property has space for some 475 staff, contains 23 meeting and consultation rooms, archives and file storage rooms, an area for holding people involved in criminal proceedings, a mail room for the judicial authorities, and a modern cafeteria. The overall project also includes an underground car park with 228 parking spaces, as well as a further 55 parking spaces outdoors.

Services in detail

Planning, turnkey construction and financing of a court administration building with subsequent operation for 20 years.


The Justice Centre was one of the first buildings to be awarded the bronze standard by the German Sustainable Building Council, and was the first PPP project to do so (2009).

Further information

In 2008, the Chemnitz Justice Centre was awarded the PPP Innovation Prize for its innovative approach and the effective partnership between public and private institutions.

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