Lufthansa training and conference centre

Short description

The training centre constructed for Lufthansa in Seeheim, which includes a 483-room conference hotel, is one of the largest in Germany.

The project

The comprehensive consultation provided during the planning phase revealed opportunities to make use of renewable energy sources. For instance, a geothermal installation is helping to reduce operating costs significantly. Right from the start, the client was brought into the process in order to develop a solution that was optimised in terms of construction and operating costs, the use of sustainable energy, and the length of the construction period itself.

The Frankfurt branch, which was responsible for the project, recommended during the design phase that the planned revitalisation be scrapped and a completely new construction built. This was the only way to ensure that the desired improvements to comfort, flexibility and functionality could be achieved. During the planning phase, calculations relating to the construction and operating costs were presented to the building owner, indicating a number of potential areas for optimisation. Experience in the execution of previous hotel projects proved to be useful here .

Services in detail

Comprehensive consultation in the development and planning phase, turnkey execution.


As the building owner and user, Lufthansa was provided with a property that was sustainable from both an ecological and economical perspective.

Further information

Bilder: (c) Lufthansa / Jens Görlich

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