Short description

Construction contract for CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research (Conseil Européen pour la Recherche Nucléaire). CERN is one of the largest and most renowned centers for basic research in physics in the world. Implenia was involved in the construction of various parts of the particle accelerator.

The project

Implenia was involved in the construction of the LHC particle accelerator in Geneva for CERN. Implenia's contract included the following buildings:

  • Superstructure: 5 concrete buildings, 2 plant ducts, 1 concrete and steel workshop L=84 m, W=24 m, H=18 m
  • Shaft construction: PX15 ø9.2 m depth 65 m; PX14 ø20.5 m depth 57 m; PX16 ø14.7 m depth 57 m
  • Caverns: UX15 length 53 m, width 30 m, height 35 m; USA15 length 62 m, width 20 m, height 13 m
  • Miscellaneous: Various connecting galleries of Fa=2.4 - 7.5 m², chambers Fa=130 m²
  • The excavation was carried out using hydraulic excavation hammers and reprofiling with cutterheads (blasting not permitted). Rock support with anchors and wet shotcrete (with steel fibers).

With the new particle accelerator, CERN researchers hope to discover new atoms and the smallest particles.

Further information


  • Implenia Schweiz AG, Wallisellen (formerly Zschokke Bau AG) - 20%
  • Porr-Asdag Tunnelbau GmbH, Vienna
  • C. Baresel AG, Stuttgart
  • Wayss & Freytag AG, Stuttgart/Frankfurt
  • Bec-Perforex, Rossny-sous-Bois CEDEX

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