[Translate to English:] Bocksbachtalbrücke
[Translate to English:] Bocksbachtalbrücke
[Translate to English:] Bocksbachtalbrücke

Bocksbachtal Bridge

Short description

Construction of the new Bocksbachtal Bridge and a rainwater retention basin

The project

Five-span prestressed concrete bridge with subsequent bonding for the six-lane motorway section "RQ 35.5" with a total length of 182 metres.

Services in detail

  • Distances between supports 29-40-40-40-33 metres
  • Hammer head supports up to a height of 13 metres on bored piles
  • Formation of the cross-section: a full cross-section was created in the bearing region and a double-girdered T-beam in the span region
  • Bridge waterproofing with poured asphalt and asphalt mastic
  • Extensive earthworks and demolition of old bridge over the L563


Bridge constructed while road was in operation

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