A45 Ersatzneubau Talbrücke Heubach

Short description

Demolition and new construction of a 184-meter prestressed concrete bridge on the A45 between Dortmund and Giessen.

The project

The Heubach viaduct on the A45 consists of two partial structures each, which will be replaced by a new structure. The prestressed concrete structures, including the piers and abutments, will be completely demolished and also rebuilt in prestressed concrete. In the first construction phase, the first partial structure in the direction of Hanau will be demolished and rebuilt. In the second construction phase, the second partial structure in the direction of Dortmund will be demolished and rebuilt. The demolition and new construction of the Heubach viaduct will be supported by the use of a feed scaffold. The superstructures of the freeway bridge will be built separately for each directional carriageway as continuous girders over 5 spans (32 m - 37 m - 48 m - 37 m - 30 m = 184 m). The superstructures will be constructed as longitudinally prestressed double-web slab beams in cast-in-place concrete. The continuous girder has a haunched cross-section on the two central column axes, tapering from 3.20m to 1.80m. The Heubach viaduct is scheduled for completion in April 2026.

Services in detail

Concrete and reinforced concrete works, prestressed concrete works, shoring works, deep foundation works, demolition works, earthworks, road works, waterproofing works, bridge equipment, piping works, drainage works.


Demolition and new construction of the partial structures in the direction of Hanau and in the direction of Dortmund using a feed scaffold.


The client has established an ecological construction supervision. In cooperation and coordination with the ecological construction supervision, far-reaching measures for the protection of flora and fauna are implemented, such as water protection through temporary piping, ant relocation, illumination of the bridge structure to protect young animals and bats.

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