Renewal of the Schwarzach bridge BAB A9

Short description

Part of the measure is the demolition and renewal of the motorway bridge incl. 2 distributor lanes and the rehabilitation of the structure drainage of the entire extension area.

The project

This also includes the new construction of the existing sedimentation basin at the northern bridge repository near the Feucht/Ost service station. The motorway bridge will be demolished and rebuilt in 3 construction sections. The outer distributor lanes form the first section. After that, the two directional carriageways will follow one after the other in separate sections. The bridge is a semi-integral arch bridge with an elevated deck as a solid slab over seven spans.

Services in detail

Demolition work, road construction, earthworks, traffic planning, piping work, drainage work, concrete and reinforced concrete work, shoring work, pipe jacking, soil nailing, underground cable construction


Empty scaffolding for arch over piped stream in floodplain Confined space under existing bridge in valley bottom


Water protection through temporary piping

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