A 281 Bremen, Baulos 4.0 Tunnel, Brücke und Strecke

Short description

Construction of a section of the A 281 highway bypass around Bremen between the Neuenlander Ring and Kattenturmer Heerstraße over a total length of approx. 1,700 m.

The project

The project will connect the already completed section of the A 281 with the A1 via the Arsten feeder road.

A 400 m long elevated road will be constructed as a prestressed concrete bridge. In order to elevate the highway route, retaining walls with bored pile foundations will be built first.

The scope of the contract also includes a 290 m long trough structure, the entrance area of the future tunnel under Kattenturmer Heerstraße and an approximately 1 km long four-lane highway route between the southern end of the elevated road and the start of the trough structure.

The trough structure and the entrance area of the tunnel will be constructed in an excavation pit made of sheet piling with a back-anchored underwater concrete base.

The entire earthworks as well as the construction of the approx. 1,000 m long four-lane highway route including the extensive pre-loading fills between the southern end of the elevated highway and the start of the trough structure are also part of the scope of services.

Services in detail

  • 400 m long prestressed concrete bridge on steel supports and individual foundations
  • 3 retaining walls up to 490 m long with bored pile foundations
  • 310 m long sheet pile wall excavation pit single-layer back-anchored incl. back-anchored underwater concrete base
  • 290 m long trough structure and tunnel entrance in sheet piling pit
  • 1000 m four-lane highway section incl. preload fills


The excavation pit enclosure for the trough and tunnel structure and the bored piles for the south-eastern retaining wall are being constructed at a limited height due to the immediate vicinity of Bremen Airport.

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