ABS 46/2 BA2 Strecke: Emmerich - Oberhausen

Short description

The Emmerich-Oberhausen line is an important section of European freight traffic. With a length of around 73 kilometers, it is an important piece of the puzzle in the freight corridor from Rotterdam to Genoa.

The project

Various construction measures are being implemented in several stages. The centerpiece is the three-track expansion of the line to increase line capacity and optimize operational processes. The contract for the construction work to be carried out by ARGE here comprises the line upgrading in construction phase 2. Implenia will be constructing noise barriers, retaining walls and vibration flows as part of the line upgrading.

Construction phase 2 includes planning approval sections 1.3 and 1.4, which together cover a total of approx. 11 km of line and, in addition to the three-track expansion, also take into account active and passive noise and vibration measures.

The approximately six-kilometer long planning approval section (PFA) 1.3 begins at the city boundary between Oberhausen and Dinslaken. It runs through the urban area of Dinslaken and ends at the city boundary with Voerde.

The approximately five-kilometer long planning approval section (PFA) 1.4 begins at the city boundary between Dinslaken and Voerde. Implenia's scope of work includes the construction of approx. 700 m of retaining walls, including bored pile foundations, reinforced concrete vibration control tunnels over a length of more than 2,500 m, and two culverts. In addition, the lot also includes the construction of approx. 10,000 m of noise barriers on the right-hand side along the tracks. During the bidding phase, Implenia, together with its consortium partner DB Bahnbau Gruppe, was able to draw up and submit a convincing plan for the construction sequences and deadlines that impressed the customer.

Services in detail

Civil engineering concrete troughs and retaining walls:

  • Planning service
  • Approx. 700 m retaining walls H = 2.50 - 6.00 m (retaining wall Hochstr. approx. 230 m and Hedwigstr. approx. 470 m)
  • Approx. 2,550 m vibration trough (trough 701: approx. 300 m, trough 702: approx. 1,650 m, trough 703: approx. 600 m)
  • Approx. 12,500 m3 reinforced concrete
  • Approx. 4,250 m in-situ concrete bored piles for retaining walls
  • 1 small animal culvert and planning for 1 eco-culvert

Noise barriers:

  • Approx. 11,000 m noise barrier H = 3.00 - 5.00 m & 6 pcs. torsion beams


The challenge is not only to work in confined spaces as far as possible, but also to coordinate the construction processes, taking into account the interfaces within the consortium and with other trades, and to adhere to the processes and construction phases/blocking periods (also with neighboring lots).


By participating in the expansion of the ABS 46/2 Emmerich - Oberhausen line, Implenia is actively contributing to the improvement of rail infrastructure / the European rail network and thus to a further shift of traffic to rail, which will save CO² in the future.

Further information

Site Management / Site Supervision

  • INGE ABS 46/2 BA2 BÜW
  • DB Engineering & Consulting GmbH
  • Spiekermann, Zetcon

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