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Project Update Hyparschale Magdeburg

In mid-February, work on the Hyparschale in Magdeburg started again after a winter break. The mild spring air allows Implenia Instandsetzung to carry out the carbon reinforcement measures on the last two quarters.

In advance, the old concrete was prepared and damaged areas repaired. The carbon concrete is now to be applied within the next few weeks and must then cure for 28 days before the undersides of the respective quarters can be worked on. There, too, the concrete will be roughened on the surface, damaged areas will be sealed and a full-surface carbon concrete reinforcement measure will be carried out. The work must be completed by 31th May 2021 and the surfaces handed over to the successor trades. The opening of the Hyparschale is planned for the end of 2022. Implenia Instandsetzung was awarded the contract to refurbish the structure in January 2020; in a pilot project, the property was digitally recorded by Instandsetzung and is available to all project participants for further work.

The Hyparschale is a column-free hall with a square footprint of 48 x 48 metres and one of the most famous structures in the state capital. The roof shell of the building consists geometrically of four hyperbolic paraboloids; the total thickness of the reinforced concrete shell is only 8 cm. The structure was planned and executed by Ulrich Müther in 1969. The hall is now a listed building and is to be used again as an event venue after renovation.

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