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New bridge for Baden thanks to complex longitudinal and transverse shifting

In Baden, Aargau, the Mellingerstrasse is being renovated in the Schadenmühle section. Part of this is the renovation of the SBB bridge, whose demolition 5 weeks ago already attracted a lot of people to Mellingerstrasse. Last weekend, the new bridge was placed, which was built slightly offset next to the old bridge in the last months, in order to guarantee the traffic flow during the construction phase.

Baden, 31 May 2022 – 

In a complex process involving longitudinal and transverse shifting, Implenia fitted the 800 t, 46 m long and 7 m wide bridge into its final location within 28 hours. The new bridge is not only wider, but also higher - more space for traffic, and thus more safety.

Implenia project manager Roberto Mettler: "The complicated demolition of the old bridge went extremely well thanks to the good teamwork of everyone involved. We are proud that the shunting and fitting of the new bridge went according to plan and the road was already open to traffic again on Monday morning."

For those who were not there live, here is the spectacle in fast motion