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First milestone reached: Results from the initial Green Hospitality Real Estate Product work package approved by client

Implenia reached an important milestone with its first Real Estate Product in the "Green Hospitality" sector. Last week, Implenia presented the results of the first work package to its client and the hotel operator to set the course for the next phase of the product development.

On behalf of Rubus Development, a 50/50 joint venture between Implenia and Deutsche Seerederei, Implenia is developing its first Real Estate Product in the Green Hospitality sector. The product aims to revolutionize ground transportation based tourism in Europe and set new standards in regards to sustainability. To mark the successful completion of the first work package, Implenia invited its customer, the hotel operator and the design partners to its new “Connect” headquarter last week for a presentation of the interim status of product development.

Guided by a sustainability strategy that was specifically devised for the Green Hospitality Real Estate Product, the first work package included the product programming as well as the concept design of the physical space. Implenia successfully synthesized investor, hotel operator and guest requirements into a conceptual implementation approach for the Real Estate Product. In addition, as part of the so-called “virtual layer”, the design team developed bespoke micro-service concepts – digital and data supported solutions for resource-optimized hotel operations. Lastly, with the white room mock-up, a simplified physical model of the guest room, the client, the hotel operator and the architect were able to validate the spatial feel of the future room.

Horst Rahe, founder and managing partner of Deutsche Seerederei is impressed: "An idea has become reality, and what has been achieved here is not only technologically impressive, but beyond that, many additional topics were tackled, so that we are really on our way to achieve our goal of creating a comprehensive product for the future."

The Green Hospitality Real Estate Product is on track: all product hypotheses have been validated and affirmed as strategic guidelines. After almost six months of intensive analysis of customer needs and uncompromisingly customer-centred conceptual work, the team has reached an important milestone. Adrian Wyss, Head Division Real Estate, is pleased: "The completion of the first work package is a great step forward. I am very happy with the progress that was presented today."

Following the presentation, the managing partners of Rubus Development awarded the contract for the second work package to Implenia. As a result, the intensive design work for the various product aspects is set to continue with the aim of completing the technical design by January 2023. Together with the Real Estate Products team, Adrian Wyss is optimistic about the next steps: "We still have a long way to go, but I am very confident that we will succeed in developing the right solution for the Green Hospitality product."

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