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15 years of Implenia – a 150-year tradition of construction

Formed in 2006 from the merger between Zschokke and Batigroup, Implenia can look back on around 150 years of history in the construction industry. 15 years after its foundation Implenia remains a young construction company with a long history, develops and executes real estate and infrastructure with passion.

Created as a company and brand by the merger of Zschokke Holding AG and Batigroup Holding AG, the foundation of Implenia took legal effect in March 2006 when the Board of Directors gave its approval. The company's roots reach back over 150 years.

The first incarnation of Zschokke Holding was Aktiengesellschaft Conrad Zschokke, set up by Conrad Zschokke (1842–1918) in 1872 in Aarau. Zschokke was a pioneer of hydraulic engineering and was responsible for building major structures such as the Grand Dixence dam and Europe's first river power plant at Rheinfelden. Various acquisitions and mergers brought companies like Heinr. Hatt-Haller and Göhner Merkur AG (Totalunternehmung) into Zschokke Holding, which was latterly based in Geneva. Batigroup Holding AG was formed in July 1997 from the merger of three prestigious construction groups: Preiswerk Holding AG, Schweizerische Strassenbau- und Tiefbau-Unternehmung AG (Stuag) / Stuag Holding AG, and Schmalz AG Bauunternehmung / Schmalz Holding AG. Following the merger, Batigroup's head office was in Basel.

CEO André Wyss on Implenia's 15th birthday: "My congratulations go above all to our employees. Designing and building spaces and infrastructure with and for people has always been Implenia's mission. We are continuing this tradition and working with passion to become an integrated, multinational leading construction and real estate services provider.

The history of Implenia