A new perspective on the needs of an ageing yet ageless society

Development of real estate products for people aged 55 and over

How the soon-to-be largest population group wants to live

You can find all the insights on best agers in our white paper.

The six lifestyles

Fit, health-conscious people

Fit, health-conscious people are always on the move and play sports to keep fit and active. They want practical, low-maintenance solutions in a place where their guests also feel comfortable. Private outdoor space is very important in this respect.

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Enterprising, sociable people

Enterprising, sociable people want to feel as though they are part of the community and maintain good relationships with their neighbours. Their willingness to move home is the highest of all of the segments. They are more likely to live on their own than the average person, mostly occupying smaller, rented apartments.

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Urban individualists

Compared to the other groups, urban individualists attach more importance to enjoyment, fun, hobbies and travel, as well as self-sufficiency and independence. They want the freedom to design their home according to their own unique vision. Creating a sanctuary is particularly important to them in this regard.

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Successful, established individualists

Successful, established individualists have their finger on the pulse and describe themselves as modern. They are quicker to pick up on new trends than others. They are predominantly male, and their financial situation is generally secure. They possess a certain level of style and prestige and require more space.

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Deeplyrooted traditionalists

Deeplyrooted traditionalists are predominantly female. Most do not work or are retired. For them, family is the most important thing in life. They prefer to be close to nature and also like to feel part of a community of neighbours.

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Cautious recluses

Cautious recluses form the smallest segment in both countries. They give a lot of thought to age-appropriate housing and are more likely to live in a single-family home. Privacy and security are particularly important to them when it comes to housing.

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Willingness to move home

Age groups
All Best Agers

The most important housing concerns

Considering their housing situation and willingness to move

Future housing


Location criteria

Design preferences

Connected living


You can find a host of insights into best agers in our white paper.

A fulfilled life – the most important factors

Importance for a fulfilled life in the next 5-10 years

Proportion of responses with high and very high importance or investment of time and/or money

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