Worblaufen Hammerwerk residential development

Short description

New residential development on the banks of the River Aare on the former Hammerwerke site in the municipality of Ittigen / Worblaufen (BE).

The project

The 77 condominiums are divided into 5 buildings, each with 7 storeys. The surroundings will be designed according to the character of the shore with walkways, plants and a playground.

The buildings are connected to each other on the ground floor by a parking garage with 122 parking spaces. All flats can be reached without steps from the parking garage.


The site is located directly on the Aare, which makes excavation and dewatering very challenging. The narrow and only access via Schmiedeweg led to various conflicts with deliveries. The parking garage was built directly onto the adjacent neighbouring building, which was solved cleanly using the latest construction techniques.

According to the building ground geology, measures such as material replacement and groundwater sealing had to be carried out. Various relocations of the existing old service lines and the construction of a large retention basin for the meteoric water.


The residential building was constructed according to the Minergie standard (not certified). The building owner decided to use district heating for the residential building. The e-mobility stations in the parking garage promote the efficient use of solar energy.

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