Short description

The "Vogelsang" housing estate is situated in Wetzikon-Kempten, nestled between forests and farming land. The existing buildings are being modernised in several stages, with new construction also taking place in some parts. In total, 146 renovated rental apartments are available for prospective tenants.

The project

Wetzikon is a small town with rural charm and lots to offer. It sits on the shore of Lake Pfäffiker and boasts stunning views over the Alps.

The residential development project "Vogelsang Wetzikon" is divided up into construction sites A, B, D and sites C and E.


Vogelsang A, B, D (conversion)

  • Restoration of the buildings, including addition of a new storey, falls under the responsibility of Implenia Switzerland Ltd.
  • Area A: 32 apartments (without additional storey) Buildings – Planning / Engineering Prime
  • Area B/D: 114 apartments (78 apartments and 36 new storeys) CH-8305 Dietlikon

A complete overhaul of the heating, ventilation, plumbing and electrical systems is also due on account of them reaching the end of their operating cycle.

Vogelsang C, E (replacement new buildings) – total contractor

  • In areas C and E, the existing buildings are being demolished and the Modernisation & Development business unit of
  • Implenia Switzerland Ltd. is developing a new construction consisting of three residential blocks. The aim is to build
  • 50 residential units with a variety of residence types and the option for ownership of an entire floor,
  • with the main focus being 3.5-room apartments.

Services in detail

  • Specialist planning of the heating, ventilation, air conditioning, plumbing and electrical systems for all planning phases in accordance with the standard SIA 108  from the Swiss Society of Engineers and Architects, including technical coordination of the living spaces
  • Specialist planning of the measurement and control technology
  • Specialist site management for the heating, ventilation, air conditioning, plumbing and electrical facilities


  • In order to attain the site bonus of 15%, the existing heating system, including technical coordination of the living spaces,
  • is being fully replaced by a regenerative heat generation system.
  • The developers are aiming to achieve Minergie standard P for the buildings.
  • Heat is generated using geothermal probe heat pumps


  • The building is being constructed according to the Minergie standard and in accordance with the requirements of greenproperty. Heating, ventilation, air conditioning & cooling and measurement, control & regulation

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