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Villa Boveri

Short description

Preservation work on the historic, 125 year old Villa along with the extension of the top floor staff rooms and installation of a dampening mass in the conference rooms.

The project

Once the family residence of Walter Boveri, co-founder of the company Brown, Boveri & Cie, the Boveri Villa is a unique piece of architectural history dating back to the industrial revolution.  Constructed in 1896 and registered as a historic property since 1976, the Villa had been renovated once, between 1993 and 1995.  The adjacent park also has been classed as a protected monument since 1994. 


  • Major construction work during normal business operations at the Boveri Villa (weddings, conferences) 

  • Complicated structural reinforcements to the historic building, required by earthquake codes 

  • Load transfer via new steel girders 

  • Reinforcement of the floors improve their durability 

  • Insulation and paneling in the top floor 

  • Fire safety upgrades 

  • Complex acoustic measures 


Insulation and upgrades to the building envelop brought the building`s top floor up to modern energy standards.  

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