Sanierung Überlandstrasse 375/377 und 391/393

Short description

The two apartment buildings from the 1960s with a total of 180 apartments are in great need of renovation and refurbishment.

The project

Through targeted intervention in the housing structure, it is possible to adapt the housing mix to local demographic developments and demand, thereby improving vacancy rates and opening up to opportunities.

With the developed refurbishment concept, it was possible to ensure an economic refurbishment with current income and socially acceptable housing without exceeding the market standard supply rents. The preliminary work carried out, with detailed planning of the kitchen and bathroom and specific offers, allows the extension and quality to be visualised and the corresponding costs to be secured.

With an attractive basic variant and various optional modules, a tailor-made renovation project was implemented together with the owner.

Services in detail

Real Estate Consulting

  • Location and market analysis
  • Demographic trends
  • Optimisation of apartment mix and rents
  • Concept for refurbishment in inhabited condition with relocation of tenants

Services provided Execution

  • Execution as total contractor
  • Total refurbishment (interior/exterior refurbishment)
  • Conversion as string renovation 
  • Earthquake strengthening / Static reinforcements
  • Pollutant, incl. mould remediation


  • Leanmanagement to counter short building period 
  • Challenges with site logistics and difficult context
  • Tenancy law claims and general conditions


  • Pollutant-free, more needs-oriented facilities for residents 
  • Compliance with operational systems and building physics requirements according to the applicable standards and regulations.

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