Sanierung Busplatz und Anpassungen Kantonsstrasse

Short description

The project included the renovation of the bus station at the Reichenbach train station and work on the adjacent cantonal road.

The project

The bus square was completely redesigned, including the main and side platforms for buses, parking spaces for cars, scooters and bicycles, access to the railroad pier and the parking spaces, bus niche and various discounts. The cantonal road was straightened, the pedestrian crossing was moved and the sidewalk was widened. In addition, the existing surface layer on the cantonal road was replaced by a low-noise asphalt layer (SDA) over a distance of approx. 500m.

The execution took place in seven different construction phases. First, the removal of the pavement and further demolition work took place. New drainage pipes, manholes and drainage channels were relocated and works and electrical lines were built. A new ramp to the railroad platform was also built. In addition, the existing staircase was demolished and a new one built in cast-in-place concrete. The new bus platform was built with special curbs to make it handicapped accessible. A concrete slab had to be poured for the bicycle shelter and the Selecta vending machine. Angle slabs and various edge trims were also moved. The foundation layers were placed, the subgrade was constructed and finally the pavement was laid.

For the straightening of the roadside on the cantonal road, the pavement was demolished, new paving slabs were placed and the drainage system was adapted. The pedestrian island was dismantled and the existing surface was milled off. Where necessary, asphalt reinforcement nets were laid. The SDA pavement was laid in stages. The traffic was guided by a traffic service on each side of the road. A temporary closure was necessary at one intersection and one driveway. Finally, the surface course was also paved over the entire bus square and the new pedestrian island was relocated on the main road.

Services in detail

  • Earthworks
  • Road construction
  • Pipeline construction
  • Sewer construction
  • In-situ concrete construction
  • Pavement construction


  • Overhead lines in the work area
  • Unrestricted guarantee of rail and bus services during the entire construction period
  • Coordination with third-party contractors
  • Execution in stages under traffic

Further information

Execution as sole contractor

Implenia Switzerland Ltd, Construction Switzerland CH - 3700 Spiez

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