Rönnskär - Endlager

Short description

Implenia Sweden is building a repository for process waste from Boliden's Rönnskär copper smelter in Skelleftehamn. Boliden has awarded Implenia the contract, which essentially consists of drilling and blasting a series of rock excavation chambers with high crack protection, located around 330 m below sea level below the smelter. The contract is the first won by Implenia Sverige AB for the mining industry. The project has a duration of 3 years, starting in January 2018.

The project

  • Waste depot at Boliden Rönnskär in Skelleftehamn. 
  • Drilling and blasting approx. 330 m below sea level below the smelter.
  • A total of 360,000 tfm3 of rock will be blasted out and transported 3 km to the surface via an existing ramp tunnel. 
  • The rooms are 18 m high and 16 m wide with varying lengths from 50m to 240m.

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