Refresh Geschäftshaus „TORO 1“, Brown Boveristrasse 5

Short description

The current main tenants have reduced their rental space. The vacant rental area measuring around 8,900 m², about 45% of the total rental area, is to be made available for rental to various users (multi-tenant) in future.

The project

The property was built in 1997. As it has already been in use for 22 years and is currently partly vacant, a range of components are to be replaced and the rental spaces are to be prepared for future user requirements. In general, the measures are divided into a basic fit-out and an enhanced tenant fit-out. The primary objective is to achieve long-term full occupancy with tenants for the next 25 years. The “refresh” is being implemented in two stages. Stage 02 involves upgrading the atrium and replacing all the venetian blinds.

The central ventilation units, cooling system and building automation are also to be updated.

Services in detail

  • General planning mandate
  • Project carried out as full-service contractor


The main challenge in the first stage is performing the refresh work effectively in the specified period. In the second stage, the challenge lies in modernising the technology and blinds at the same time while the building is in use.

Further information

  • Reducing maintenance costs
  • Upgrading the office spaces
  • Structuring the facility management

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