Panxwiesen groundwater pumping station, Malans

Short description

A new pumping station was built in the Panxwiesen district in order to increase the drinking water capacity of the municipalities of Malans and Landquart.

The project

The filtering well was constructed by means of cased grab drilling, making a 1,500 mm borehole through various gravel layers to a depth of 38 m.

Services in detail

  • Shaft excavation: cased grab drilling, diameter 1,500 mm, drilling depth 38 m
  • Pump test: four stages of 2,000 / 6,100 / 8,100 / 11,950 l/min with three submersible pumps
  • Filter: slotted filter DN 1,100/8 with slot opening SW = 1.5 mm, made from stainless steel V4A/1.4404
  • Gravel lining: 4/8 mm round gravel, clay sealing, concrete gravel

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