Neubau EÜ Ludwigslust

Short description

Together with the town of Ludwigslust, DB Netz AG is building a railroad overpass at Ludwigslust station for the modernization of the infrastructure with the construction of barrier-free platform access to the tracks.

The project

In conjunction with the new construction of the central bus station (ZOB) and the station forecourt, the area around the station is being completely redesigned. As a replacement for the former level crossing, a railroad underpass with adjoining trough structures is being built at km 170.8 + 28 on route 6100 Berlin - Hamburg. In a new contract, Lot 12 Civil Engineering Railway Overpass is taking over the partially excavated construction pit from Lot 13, Implenia Spezialtiefbau GmbH GS Rhein Ruhr. The excavation pit was further excavated and a bracing with chords and steel pipe stiffeners was installed at a further intermediate level. The excavation pit was excavated to its final depth and a concrete reinforcement base d=0.8 m was installed. This will serve as a track for the EÜ frame.

Services in detail

Construction of a total of 7 level crossing frame blocks (70 m) in pairs outside the track system. Insertion of 2 frames each up to 70 m under the auxiliary track bridges. Connection of 3 platform accesses with stairs and elevator system after reaching the end position of the respective block pairs. Simultaneous construction of two ramps, the so-called trough structures, to the north and south of the frame blocks, each with a further 8 blocks (2x 80m). Further services: Installation of platform roofs, cast stone work in the platform entrances, railing work and removal of the track and auxiliary platform bridges installed by lot 13.

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