Liebherr MCCtec Customer Service Centre

Short description

Implenia is building a new turnkey customer service centre for Liebherr Nenzing in the Port of Hamburg.

The project

Implenia has built a new turnkey sales and service centre for Liebherr on a 44,000 square metre site in Kuhwerder Harbour. The Hamburg structural engineering branch largely completed the workshop, warehouse and a four-storey office building within a year.

The new location serves as a hub for rental equipment and return equipment. The servicing of mobile harbour cranes, ship cranes, offshore cranes as well as construction machinery such as cable excavators, crawler cranes and special civil engineering equipment are partly transported directly to Hamburg by sea for repair.

Services in detail

The cube-shaped administration building with an edge length of around 26 metres offers five floors and an enclosed technical floor. The main entrance is formed by two sea freight containers that were "pushed into the façade".

The workshop building is about 20 metres high and has an overall dimension of 81 x 29 metres. Large machines are maintained and repaired here. For this purpose, a machine park, oil storage, washing hall, steel construction store, assembly hall as well as a tool dispensary were needed. Adjacent to this, the warehouse offers dimensions of 40 x 28 metres with a height of around 10 metres.

Further information

The administration building, including all trades, is calculated entirely on the basis of BIM.

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