Hyparschale Magdeburg

Short description

Reinforcement of the supporting and shell structure of the Hyparschale built in 1969 in Magdeburg using carbon concrete.

The project

The Hyparschale was designed and built in 1969 by Ulrich Müther. After years of use, the building, measuring approx. 45x45 metres, has been empty and decaying since the 1990s. Through extensive preliminary planning and the new building material carbon concrete, the shell and the building can be used in a new way. Before the renovation, the shell has an average thickness of 7 centrimetres. One layer of 1 centimetre thickness is applied to the top side and one layer to the bottom side.

Report from Baublatt


Novel building material which has been approved for use by an approval on a case-by-case basis. Due to the exposed location, continuous aftertreatment is important. On the roof surface, a tarry sealing had to be removed.


Significant material savings can be achieved with carbon concrete. Approximately 130 tons of special plastic-modified concrete are required for the complete renovation. Conventional renovation with sprayed mortar would require about 800 tons of mortar instead. Furthermore, the carbon scrims which are embedded only weigh approx. 600 grams/m², thus saving weight and additional machine technology.

Further information

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