Humboldt Forum im Berliner Schloss

Short description

The reconstruction of the Berlin Palace, now the Humboldt Forum in the Berlin Palace, diagonally opposite the Berlin Cathedral, is financed by the main state funding and by donations.

The project

The Humboldt Forum in the Berlin Palace is the largest German cultural building in the heart of Berlin. Science, culture and social exchange are united under one roof and an extensive cultural programme with a focus on museums is offered. The client and owner is the Humboldtforum Foundation in the Berlin Palace.

The foundation stone was laid in 2013, the shell was completed in 2015 and completion is planned for 2020.

Services in detail

  • Historical oak windows
  • Box-type window in an approx. 50cm cantilevered steel frame
  • Bullet proof wooden windows 
  • Burglar-resistant wooden windows


  • High security requirements such as bullet resistance for windows and facades
  • Assembly of oversized window elements
  • Implementation of monument protection requirements

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