Neubau Alterspflegeheim Humanitas

Short description

A new building is planned for a nursing home for the elderly with a garden in Riehen, Niederholz. The building has a basement, a ground floor and three upper floors.

The project

The basement houses the technical centre, shelters, cloakrooms, cleaning facilities and storage for the kitchen/cafeteria. On the ground floor are the cafeteria, large kitchen, meeting and visitor area with a view of the garden, offices for employees and service rooms as well as four care rooms for mostly temporary stays. On the upper floors there are 111 care rooms and common areas with a kitchenette. The central covered atrium is an important feature of the building.


  • Terracotta facade


  • The Humanitas nursing home for the elderly will be built to the Minergie standard, but will not be certified.

Further information

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