Hell - Værnes

Short description

The project included superstructure and substructure works in connection with a new double-track railroad bridge over the Stjørdal River.

The project

The railroad bridge is a cooperative bridge made of steel and concrete. It is 200 m long and 10 m wide. The bridge consists of a steel box on each side. Steel cross members were assembled between the steel boxes and then cast on concrete bridges. The bridge was first welded together in sections on land and then pushed forward.

Work on the substructure consisted of concrete work on piers and landings, as well as necessary excavation and fill work. A total of five piers and two landships were built, which were erected as cast concrete structures.

Work on the superstructure consisted of steel and concrete work, damp-proofing of concrete slabs, and various equipment.

In addition, the contract included filling of structures, erosion control, cutting of piles, bridge bearings, railings, membrane works, electrical works and some other minor works.

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