Gesamtsanierung Monbijoustrasse

Short description

The track system for the streetcar on Monbijoustrasse from the Eigerstrasse junction to the Seftigenstrasse junction had to be replaced due to its age.

The project

This required the demolition and new construction of the entire streetcar trough, including track drainage. Together with the track renewal, various measures were taken in the road and sidewalk areas to improve traffic safety, especially for pedestrians and cyclists. At the same time, an obstacle-free bus stop and a bicycle bypass were built. In addition, the electrical, gas and water lines, including network connections, were renewed. The drainage systems in the construction area were also completely replaced. In the northern part, this was done by microtunneling. This included the excavation of six excavation pits as start, intermediate and target shafts with a depth of up to 9m. Reinforced bored piles of Ø70cm were used to close off the excavation pits, as well as rill walls with HEB sections and shotcrete infills. In the southern part, however, the drainage system was constructed by open trenching. In the course of the construction work, the expansion of the district heating network also took place; a total of about 30 properties were newly connected. Finally, a new asphalt pavement was laid over the entire area.

The construction site was located in the inner-city area and was subject to strong influence by public transport as well as individual and slow traffic (pedestrian and bicycle traffic). During the main work, the construction site area had to be partially closed to motorized traffic.

Services in detail

  • Road construction
  • Earthworks
  • Pipeline construction
  • Sewer construction
  • In-situ concrete construction
  • pavement construction
  • Edging
  • Special civil engineering
  • Repair
  • Microtunneling
  • Track construction (streetcar)


  • Execution in stages, intensive construction phases, shift work, night work
  • coordination with secondary and subcontractors
  • Existing utility lines / foundations in the excavation area
  • Construction perimeter in heavily frequented, inner-city area
  • Ensuring access and parking facilities for stores and neighbors
  • Adherence to construction program, milestones (streetcar replacement operation)

Further information

Execution as ARGE

Lead management: Implenia Schweiz AG, Division Civil Engineering Switzerland Wabernstrasse 40; CH-3000 Bern

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