[Translate to English:] Bodensanierung Bau 7.1
[Translate to English:] Bodensanierung Bau 7.1
[Translate to English:] Bodensanierung Bau 7.1

Floor renovation in Building 7.1 – normal warehouse

Short description

Implenia Tesch GmbH renovated the industrial flooring in Building 7.1 of the Schaeffler Technologies AG & Co. KG site in Wuppertal.

The project

In early December 2015, Implenia Tesch GmbH was awarded the contract for renovation of the industrial flooring of Building 7.1 at the premises of Schaeffler AG & Co. KG in Wuppertal.

Type and scope of work:

  • First of all, the work site was secured with fencing and dust protection sheeting and the area was cleared.
  • The steel building elements were then modified and the openings were closed up in accordance with the fire safety requirements.
  • In order to prepare for the actual floor coating work, the surface was blasted, cleaned and degreased. Any existing cracks were filled.
  • After application of a scratch coating, a durable industrial floor coating and topcoat were applied.
  • All of this work was carried out within the space of 14 days and with some normal operations ongoing.

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