E6 Vinstra - Sjoa

Short description

E6 Vinstra-Sjoa is part of Frya-Sjoa, which has been one of the biggest road developments in Norway in recent years. The contract was noted as the part of the "Plant of the Year" in 2016.

The project

The work on the E6 between Vinstra and Sjoa represented one of two construction contracts for the E6 Frya - Sjoa, the largest road project in Norway at the time. The works consisted of building 16 km of new dual carriageway with median and bypass including tunnel through Teigkampen, two two-level crossings at Kvam and Sjoa and a total of 28 structures consisting of, among others, 12 bridges on the E6, 2 tunnel portals, 16 transition bridges and underpasses including two railway crossings at Kvam and Kjørem. There were also built 12 km of local roads and 1.6 km of footpaths.

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