E134 Myntbrua–Trollerudmoen

Short description

Implenia builds the new E134 through Kongsberg in Buskerud. The contract is one of three main contracts on E134 between Damåsen and Saggrenda. One of the challenges for the project is areas with very little overburden.

The project

The works consist of building a new four-lane road through Kongsberg from Myntbrua and south towards Trollerudmoen, with a total length of 4,8 km. For the Svartås tunnel two parallel tunnels of approx. 1530 m will be built. For the Kongsberg tunnel two parallel tunnels of 130 and 110 meters will be built. A total of six tunnel portals will be built. New Kongsberg bridge over the river Lågen will be 172 m long and 16 m wide. In addition the project consists of some minor bridges, retaining walls, noise-deflection walls and more.

Some of the challenges for the project includes areas with very little overburden, proximity to residential areas and proximity to existing railroad.

Project details:

  • Contract type: Prime contract1
  • Contract sum: NOK 981 MNOK
  • Construction time: May 2016 to September 2019
  • Developer: Norwegian Public Roads Administration
  • Client: Norwegian Public Roads Administration

 Technical information:

  • Concrete: 25 000 m3
  • Blasting Tunnel: 250 000 m3
  • Blasting dayzone: 210 000 m3
  • Soil: 350 000 m3

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