Düsseldorf prison

Short description

Pooled expertise for long-term success in the turnkey construction of the new Düsseldorf prison

The project

The Major Projects, Cologne and Leipzig Buildings branches built the new Düsseldorf prison for the state of North Rhine-Westphalia as a turnkey project. The prison complex with space for 850 prisoners is a replacement for the existing facilities, which was no longer meeting the quality requirements or capacity demands. With seven building complexes and a total area of 70,000 square metres, the new construction has expanded the existing capacity and created sufficient space to enlarge the cells. Workshops were also built in order to improve the range of jobs offered to prisoners, along with various leisure facilities, a safety centre and offices for the prison staff.

The project once again highlighted our expertise in the construction of prison facilities. In the past, we have worked on the Germany's first privately run prison in Burg bei Magdeburg as well as the public prison in Suhl.

Services in detail

Design planning for the technical building equipment and statics, execution planning, turnkey construction and operation of a prison facility.


A holistic approach to planning and construction played a major role in reducing CO2 emissions. An energy supply concept was devised that enabled savings of some 20 per cent of the energy and maintenance costs to be realised in comparison with conventional technologies. Cogeneration plants generate electricity and heating energy simultaneously.

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