Kabel Galerie

Short description

As part of the preparatory work for the Lausanne train station construction site, all the cables managing the region's rail activity had to be diverted. To do this, we have excavated and sealed two wells 27.00 and 22.00 deep, for the introduction of a micro tunnel machine with an external radius of 3.00 m, which will has drilled a 625 m long tunnel under the Lausanne train station. We also built 2 covered trenches to connect the existing networks to the cable gallery.

Services in detail

  • Construction of a 13.50 m high protective wall between the train tracks and the construction site.
  • Demolition of a part of the existing car park.
  • Installation of a tower crane (40 to winch).
  • Primary and secondary piles (D 800mm) for wellheads, length 5.00 m and 12.00 m 
  • Excavation of the shafts, in the rock, advance shotcrete, 2,600 m3 excavation and 500 m3 shotcrete.
  • Advancement with Micro tunnel boring machine pushes tube, 625 ml, 3 m diameter.
  • Underpinning of a covered trench along the train tracks
  • Construction of a new covered trench along the train tracks
  • Construction of a connecting gallery in a highly urban area
  • Drilling of a connecting shaft to the DN 1000 mm tunnel
  • Construction of a 600 m long invert in the tunnel in stages of 150 m of concrete with pumped concrete up to 300 m apart
  • Construction of 2 concrete vaults for well-tunnel connections
  • Construction of a concrete cavern in the tunnel 
  • Installation of  self-supporting pre-slabs for well coverage.


  • Unusual and highly technical work
  • Work in highly urban areas
  • Work in SBB environments
  • Work in 3 shifts
  • Complex logistics

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