Andockung MLK Frauenklinik, Inselspital

Short description

The project included the completion of the media and logistics channel (MLK) for the women's clinic at Inselspital.

The project

After Implenia had already constructed the first phase of the project in 2015, the last 23m of the tunnel were now built. This was done in an open trench. In order to ensure access to the construction site, the Apgarweg was extended. In addition to excavation and demolition work, this included the construction of the drainage system, laying of service lines, installation of the foundation layer, relocation of edge terminations, surfacing work and terrain adjustments. A retaining wall made of prefabricated elements was moved and a footpath was built above it. Furthermore, a stone staircase was demolished and replaced by a new one made of block steps. Impact protectors were concreted around the facade supports of the gynecological clinic. This was followed by the construction of the upper and later the lower boring planes. The construction of the concrete and micropiles was carried out by our special civil engineering department. In order to excavate the excavation pit for the tunnel construction, it was necessary to relocate various utility lines. The underground concrete channel of the culverted city stream was demolished and replaced by a new one. This was followed by the installation of a protective tunnel for pedestrians above the excavation pit and a crane for tunnel construction. The tunnel was formed, reinforced and concreted in various stages in view.

Services in detail

  • Earthworks
  • Sewerage construction
  • Construction of utility lines
  • Road construction
  • Landscaping
  • Pavement construction
  • Concrete construction


  • Supply lines of the hospital in the construction site perimeter
  • Very limited access and space conditions
  • Turning trucks in construction site area not possible (approach backwards)
  • Consideration for hospital in full operation (noise emissions)
  • Guarantee of pedestrian and bicycle traffic through the construction site perimeter
  • Night work (shutdown of streetcar catenary)

Further information

Execution as sole contractor

Implenia Switzerland Ltd, Construction Switzerland CH - 3007 Bern

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