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“Best agers” white paper: a new perspective on the needs of an ageing and ageless society

Best agers are those aged around 55 and above who are full of life and enjoy being active. Their idea of an ideal living situation is not determined by their age but by their lifestyle. Best agers do, however, all have one thing in common: health and well-being are of the utmost importance. This means that quality of life is at the top of their wish lists. Even when it comes to housing.

As part of its efforts to develop future-proof solutions, Implenia Real Estate Products has examined the housing needs of best agers and presented the most important findings in a white paper.

Based on attitudes, values, behaviours and needs, six different segments within this growing population can be identified:

  • Fit, health-conscious people are always on the move and seek out practical solutions in a place where their guests also feel comfortable. Private outdoor space is important to them.
  • Enterprising, sociable people  want to feel as though they are part of the community and like having spaces in which they can meet others. Their willingness to move home is the highest of all segments.

  • Urban individualists attach more importance to enjoyment, fun, hobbies and travel, as well as self-sufficiency and independence, than the other groups. They want to design their home according to their own unique vision.

  • Successful, established individualists pick up on new trends and the spirit of the age sooner than others. They possess a certain level of style and prestige and require more space.

  • Deeplyrooted traditionalists are predominantly female and for the most part do not work. For them, family is the most important thing. They prefer to be close to nature.

  • Cautious recluses make up the smallest segment and give a lot of thought to age-appropriate housing. Privacy is particularly important to them.

Across all segments, there is a clear picture of what best agers understand by a fulfilled life:

Who are best agers?

Background and primary data source for the study