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Three outstanding teams receive Health & Safety Award 2022

Glattpark (Opfikon), 15 September 2022 - In order to learn from and reward good examples in occupational health and safety, Implenia presents the Health & Safety Award once a year. This year's award ceremony took place at the Implenia Extended Leadership Forum (IELF) at our headquarters in Opfikon on 14 September 2022. First place went to the Südcampus Bad Homburg project team from Germany. Second and third place went to the teams from Holzbau in Rümlang (Switzerland) and the TELT project team (France).

The first-place project team from Südcampus stood out for its innovative solutions for more occupational safety and their pragmatic implementation. For example, project employees developed a wooden frame that encloses and braces masonry openings and thus minimises the danger of falling parts from the masonry.

In our production hall for timber element construction in Rümlang, there is a lot of material, large machines and many people at the same time in a relatively confined space – a challenge for occupational safety. This challenge is met with daily stand-up meetings, an extraction system for wood dust at every workplace, a specially developed height safety system and clean hall logistics. With these initiatives, the timber construction team achieved second place in the Health & Safety Award. 

Many people with different mother tongues and professional backgrounds work together on the large and complex TELT infrastructure project. In addition, there are groups of visitors. They are all trained in occupational safety with a short instruction video in the most common languages. Only those who achieve a certain score in the subsequent quiz are allowed to enter the construction site. With this measure, the team won third place in the Health & Safety Award.

Health & Safety at Implenia

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