Siedlung Strättligen
Siedlung Strättligen
Siedlung Strättligen

Strättligen housing estate

Short description

Renovation of a housing estate comprising eight three- to six-storey buildings with 138 rental apartments, keeping the exterior architectural appearance in line with the aesthetics of the period in which the homes were originally built

The project

The Strättligen housing estate in Dürrenast, Thun, was built in 1965 and is currently in residential zone 3. The estate forms an undisputed unit that should be retained. As part of the renovation, the architectural look that was changed during the 1980s should be corrected and based again on the original design.

The project includes eight buildings between three and six floors with a total of 138 rental apartments. The renovation is planned in three stages and includes the façade, kitchens and bathrooms, plus the lobby areas.


  • Very short preparation time for the first stage
  • Renovation is carried out while the apartments are occupied (modernisation of utility lines)
  • Complex pollutant decontamination

Further information

  • The entire project was launched, advertised and awarded within just five weeks, with a contract volume of around CHF 20 million


  1. Start of stage 1, Feldstrasse: 24/07/2017
  2. Start of stage 2, Meisenweg and Eggenweg: 02/04/2018
  3. Start of stage 3, Balmweg: 01/04/2019
  4. Handover to the building contractor: 30.09.2019

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