Schools, Hof

Short description

Four schools in Bavaria's Hof district were planned and built or renovated as part of a PPP model and were run for 21 years.

The project

The project took into account the latest considerations from the fields of education and economics.

Services in detail

  • Interim financing of the entire investment, planning, renovation and new construction of four schools, including outdoor and sports facilities, and operation.
  • Optimised financing of the project, the decision not to use a project company – the project, known as the "Hof model", has had many imitators in the field of public-private partnerships.


The Hof schools PPP joint venture executed the planning procedure – optimised to suit the life cycle – for all sites in parallel from phase 1 in accordance with the fee structure for architectural and engineering services (Honorarordnung für Architekten- und Ingenieurleistungen, HOAI). Despite a short construction period, Bilfinger executed the project to a high quality standard while keeping it within budget and on time. This was also guaranteed throughout the operating period. The joint venture also executed interim school operations in container buildings to a professional standard.


A key focus of the project was improving the energy efficiency of the existing building, which no longer met modern standards. In cooperation with the administrative district of Hof, a partnership-based energy model was developed that would allow both the district and the building users to benefit from the savings resulting from the energy consumption dropping below the guaranteed quantities. The holistic approach to the project resulted in a significant reduction in life-cycle costs.

The Bavarian construction industry association awarded the project the PPP prize in 2009 for its partnership-based approach and its high standards of quality and economic efficiency over the entire life cycle.

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